Developed By
Aideron Robotics

Aideron Robotics is a Faction Warfare corporation fighting for the Gallente Militia. One of the older corporations in GalMil and well known for mature and respectful gameplay, Aideron Robotics caters to pilots in all time zones. Based in the low-sec warzone, Aideron Robotics welcomes pilots of all skill levels. With a mix of new and veteran pilots, we are a perfect corp for pilots new to PvP and alpha clone pilots, as well as experienced mature pilots keen to help train and develop others. With close ties to the rest of the Gallente Militia, Aideron Robotics pilots are always welcomed in PvP fleets militia-wide, providing an expansive range of gameplay and experiences.

Doctrine fits start with a basic three-day program that lets brand new pilots fly in AIDER fleets quickly.

While we are fundamentally a PvP corp, we also offer guidance on profitable industry and planetary interaction programs for those looking for alternative income sources, and engage in PvE to help keep things fresh.